Recent access problem

Due to heavy I/O access, PubAnnotation is showing accessibility problem, recently. For a stable service, the entire system will be migrated to a new server within a couple of weeks. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by current access problem.

System problem on 25/02/2016

PubAnnotation was not accessible for the whole day of 25th Feb. 2016, due to a server problem. We are very for any inconvenience caused by the problem.

a new project status, Uploading, added.

As a status of a project, ‘Uploading’ is added. It is to indicate that the annotation of the project is under uploading: while uploading will take time, already uploaded portion is stable.

News service begins.

PubAnnotation begins a systematic news service. System updates and important announcements will be notified through the news service.